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Our Story

Onesti Honey started in the Spring of 2013 with a handful of hives and has grown to over 200 with more being added every year.  It is a family run business with our children helping out during the busy times. Our hives are located in the Marne area so our honey is a West Michigan wild flower meaning the bees gather nectar from anything flowering such as Dandelions, Clover, apple trees etc., producing a delicious, local honey that is like no other.   Our honey is never heated or filtered so to preserve the taste and all of the goodness found in honey. If your honey crystallizes, you may gently warm it by putting it in the sun and it will turn back to a liquid. In the Spring we sell lots of bees to people wanting to get into beekeeping. We also carry all of the equipment needed to start and continue beekeeping as well as being available for many questions including stopping out  to help you with your bees. We also raise some queen bees for those looking to do splits or have a queenless hive.


The name Onesti (O-nes-tee) comes from Dr. Jill Onesti, who did a life saving operation on my best friend and saved him from pancreatic cancer.  She is a true hero who’s commitment and compassion is like no other and I can never thank her or her team enough. I was searching for a name for the business and asked if I could use her name to say thank you and honor her. With great joy, she accepted.  


Our honey products can be found in the Grand Rapids area at the Grand Rapids Cheesecake Company and at Bridge Street Market.  You may also order online and we can ship to you anywhere in the United States.


We hope you enjoy our honey.




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